It was a nice evening, so we went to play “Frolf” at a local park.  Check this out!


Grandma, Logan, Mom and I went to Chicago for a couple of days.  The weather was great and we were able to see some really cool things.  Check out the video!

Ice Cream Trail

Some people do the Donut Trail… we did the Ice Cream Trail.  Check out all of the places we visited.  I feel sick!  I ate so much ice cream!

Trick Shots

Check out these amazing trick shots, inspired by our favorite people, Dude Perfect.

Knox’s Take Manhattan

Mom and Dad took us to New York City over our spring break!  It was so much fun.  Check out this awesome video!


Bad Joke Battle

We were inspired by the awesome Dude Perfect crew to have our own Bad Joke Battle.  First person to laugh, loses!


My Mom took Logan and I golfing.  We hadn’t been since we were really little.  It was a lot of fun. Check out the video!


How To Make Ramen Noodles

I eat Ramen Noodles all the time.  Here is a sweet video about how to make them.  Just remember, you might need an adult to help you with the stove!  Enjoy!



Being a Hero and Showing Respect At School

Mrs. McKinney, a teacher at my Mom’s school asked me to make this video.  I let her be in the video.  She was going to be a big, Hollywood child actor, but her Dad wouldn’t take her to California.  Sad, huh?  Enjoy the video.. and hey kids! Be a HERO at your school!


Mud Mania!

Logan I went to this awesome mud obstacle course at a local park.  Check out our messy video!