Archives for March 2013

Interview with a nerd

My mom watches this show from the olden days called Family Matters.  Have you seen it? It has a nerd named Steve Urkel.  I dressed up like him for Halloween 2 years ago.


Macho Men!

Logan and I made this video a long time ago.  We are buff!

How to color Easter eggs

The reason why I made this video is because it is Easter eve and we were dying Easter eggs.  I think Easter eggs are very beautiful when they are colored.  I do not like to eat eggs, but I like to color them.

Brady’s karate skills!

Snowday Tips

I really hope we have a snowday! We haven’t had one all year!  What inspired me to do this video was that I was watching the weather and the person said we would have a snowday, maybe.  Watch this video and you can know what to do to prepare for a snowday– from Brady