Life’s a Beach

We went to an awesome beach with our family.  This video will show you how to build a cool sand castle.  Of course, Logan has to get in the way!  It’s pretty funny when the sea gulls attack him!

The Leaf Pile

  I love to watch “The Great Pumpkin” around Halloween time. It’s one of my favorites!


We love the Old West Fest near Mt. Orab, Ohio.  Here is our rendition of a Dodge City gunfight!

How to do the Cupid Shuffle

I love to dance.  This is a new one that I have been practicing. I like it because young and old people can do it!  My Cousin Abby helped me with this.  I hope you learn to Cupid Shuffle too!

Knox Olympics

 Logan and I  have been watching many Olympic events on television.  Here is our own special twist on the Olympic games.

How to make a delicious snack (or dinner or lunch)

I love to heat and eat soft pretzels!  What is your favorite snack?  Sorry for all of the “farting” during this video.  My brother just got a new Whoopie cushion, and he thinks it is hilarious.  Please send me ideas for other videos you’d like to see!

Pool Safety is important!

Brady loves the PRF Swim Club. Listen to his tips and advice to learn how to keep safe at the  pool this summer.