Grounded? No video games for 3 weeks? What am I going to do?

Well, report cards are out.  And I am grounded.  I need to study to get my grades up and get my electronics back.  Here are some funny things I could do instead of studying or doing homework.



  1. You are so cute and funny!!!!! You should go to Walgreens at the cash register and look on the rack and get the bean boozed jelly belly game and post it on here!!! It is fun yet weird.

    Yours truly,
    Morgan Lackey

  2. Mrs. Dawn Bruestle says

    Brady, this is an awesome video (as ALL of your videos are!) Can’t say that I’m grounded, but I will definitely keep these tips in mind in case Mr. Bruestle grounds me for not keeping up with my everyday responsibilities around the house, or in case my choir director grounds me for not keeping up with learning my music. Sure do miss you, my friend, and hope you and your family are staying warm and well this winter! 🙂