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Showdown II

Have you seen our original video called “Showdown?”  This is the sequel.  There is a twist.  Our cute little cousin, Wyatt, saves the day!

Our first gaming video…

Logan and I are playing “Raid” on Black Ops 2 for Xbox.

Manners are really important…

My teacher said that I was very polite and that I should make a video about manners so that she could show her own sons… here ya go Mrs. B!



Making S’mores!

I love to go camping with my family.  We always eat S’mores.  In this video, I will show you how to make one!

Pool Tricks

Pool Tricks
Check out my latest video! I will show you how to do some awesome tricks off the diving board!

Snow Tubing

Do you like sledding?  Well then you would love snow tubing!  I had a blast with my family!