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sharp dressed men

Our whole family loves to watch Duck Dynasty.  We are even dressing up like them for Halloween!  I hope you think our video is funny!

Life’s a Beach

We went to an awesome beach with our family.  This video will show you how to build a cool sand castle.  Of course, Logan has to get in the way!  It’s pretty funny when the sea gulls attack him!

Brady and Logan take on the Dark Side

We went to Disney World with our Mom and Dad.  My brother and I got to do Jedi training.  It was awesome!  Here we are fighting Darth Vader!

A good reason to wear a sombrero…

My Mom says today is a holiday in another country.  We played with these hats at a local party supply store.  Happy Cinco Banana!

Interview with a nerd

My mom watches this show from the olden days called Family Matters.  Have you seen it? It has a nerd named Steve Urkel.  I dressed up like him for Halloween 2 years ago.


Macho Men!

Logan and I made this video a long time ago.  We are buff!

How to color Easter eggs

The reason why I made this video is because it is Easter eve and we were dying Easter eggs.  I think Easter eggs are very beautiful when they are colored.  I do not like to eat eggs, but I like to color them.

Brady’s karate skills!

Snowday Tips

I really hope we have a snowday! We haven’t had one all year!  What inspired me to do this video was that I was watching the weather and the person said we would have a snowday, maybe.  Watch this video and you can know what to do to prepare for a snowday– from Brady

Home Alone!

Brady is not home, so Logan decides to have a little bit of fun!